“A Little Extra”

I recently found myself referring some of my clients to watch a few TED talks that pertained to an issue that they might be wrapping their minds around. Sometimes, I would end a session, wondering if they might need to hear a concept differently. Or perhaps their mind and heart were deep into working through an issue and seizing that moment with something more would be beneficial. I had a yearning to provide more. Therefore, I created “a little extra.”

Right now, this is just a Facebook page of posts. Yet, hope to add more resources here for you in time.

Maybe you are not “in” therapy but want a little insight into motivation, mindfulness, communication or whatnot. Perhaps, a little something here might provoke you to take a step out of your own comfort zone.

Please do not take this “as therapy” – only as a little something extra. Please seek professional help if needed.

With gratitude,

Stripe Dots