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I earnestly uphold the postmodern psychotherapy philosophy of working collaboratively with my clients. I have had great success in helping my clients handle complex long-standing issues as well as the general difficulties all of us experience in day-to-day life. Sometimes, we don’t even know what’s wrong, but we feel that things just are not “right” or a bit “off.” Therapy can be helpful sorting all of this out.

I’ve worked with a wide variety of issues and have thoroughly enjoyed having a diverse client base. Here are a few issues I commonly help clients with.

At this time I am only seeing individuals; not couples, teens, children, or accepting any interns. Sorry. However, I am available for consultation for other mental health practitioners and speaking opportunities. 

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Relationships can bring us the biggest “highs” in life as well as such deep heartache. Figuring out whether the time has come to leave a relationship or to work through it can be difficult. And maybe the time has come to get some help with dating. Additionally, relationships with family members can be so murky and difficult to clearly navigate. Therapy can be a life-changing journey in which we can gain deeper awareness, help find needed direction, and obtain tools for more peaceful lives.

Currently, I am only working with individuals, not couples. 


20's, 30's & Beyond

I find many people seek therapy in their 20’s. For many people, 20’s can be lonely, a time of feeling lost and feeling overwhelmed. However, it also can be a time of empowerment, discovery, freedom, and excitement.

Therapy offers a great opportunity to fine tune what you want out of your relationships, work, and your own life’s purpose. It also can be a time to gain greater insight into yourself, your family of origin, and how to get what you want out of the moment.

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Anxiety is a normal emotion all of us have. Sometimes, anxiety can spiral a bit out of control. Having someone help you sort out your concerns and give you some helpful tools to deal with anxiety can be transformative.
I mix CBT, psychodynamics (Western) and Mindfulness practices (Eastern) to help bring clients to a more peaceful place in their lives. Also, I collaborate with psychiatrists (MD’s) when needed for medication and have worked people suffering from generalized anxiety, panic attacks to OCD.

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Depression & Mood Issues

At some point in our lives, we may feel like everything – even sleeping or going out with friends – is so much effort. It may be accompanied with feeling hopeless and guilty a lot of the time. It even can sneak up on you, without even knowing that you were “down.” You may wonder if this is the “new you”?
As exhausting as it may seem, I encourage you to reach out for help. Talk therapy can really work.
Clinical symptoms of depression can include diminished interests in activities, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness and/or inappropriate guilt, a decreased ability to concentrate or make decisions, and significant weight loss or weight gain.
I have worked with numerous clients who suffer from depression and bi-polar, as well as run an “Overcoming Depression” group using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques (CBT) to help people lift the dark clouds and start enjoying life again.

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Suffering from trauma can be life-altering. Sometimes the idea of talking about a terrible event can feel traumatic itself. Please, know you that if you seek therapy you are in control of what is discussed and you don’t have to talk about anything that you don’t want to. Of course, therapy is at your pace and never with judgment. Healing from trauma can happen in mysterious yet beautiful ways. Sometimes, the hardest part of therapy is just reaching out for the first time.
I have worked with both chronic long-standing traumas as well as acute trauma. I have specialized training from the trauma program at The Center for Special Programs.

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Medical Difficulties

Being given a diagnosis, whether it is chronic (HIV/AIDS, diabetes, cancer etc.) or acute illness, can be life-altering. It is normal to have an array of feelings. Our physical bodies affect our relationships and mental lives. I truly believe working on our mental health improves our physical well-being. Therapy can be a great place to work through the range of emotions and provide you with tools to live a fulfilling life.

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