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Psychotherapy  | Counseling

Navigating through the difficult portions of life is challenging. Sometimes we need help from someone other than friends and family. If this is the case, and you want a confidential, supportive place that is focused on you and your experiences, I am here.

My practice is a welcoming home that provides an integrative approach to finding your peace based on modern science. Clients have worked with me on issues of depression, anxiety, relationship problems, and life transitions as well as many other struggles. Through collaborative efforts, they have overcome the feeling of being lost, coped with relationship break-ups, recovered from the emotional trauma, addressed gender issues and, of course, tackled life’s general stressors.

Deciding to seek therapy can be very hard, but you're not alone and it does get better. When you are ready, call or write. I will be here for you to provide a gentle, supportive and trusting experience while we work towards a more peaceful place in your life.

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