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TEDX Talk 

I had the honor to present on February 29th, 2020 right before COVID shut down. I wanted to speak about the hardship of heartbreak as it starts the fall of dominoes in our lives. Although we will all face lost love, it is brushed under the rug, dealt with it in isolation, and never discussed. I hope to shine some light on what it does to our brain, what we can do as individuals as well as a culture to push forward and possibly gain some traumatic growth from our pain.

This TEDx speech was very personal. I was honored to give this on a big stage. Thank you, TEDx Austin.  

Here is how TEDx describes my talk..." Tasha Jackson is a psychotherapist who truly understands neurodiversity. She explores the beautiful qualities of people who are autistic, dyslexic, highly sensitive, and ADHD. As a neurodiverse person herself, Tasha inspires us to empathize and to consider creating small policy changes, especially in education, so that all neuro-types can be empowered and valued for their contributions to society."

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